Dear Future Internship,

Dear Future Internship, Hello and welcome to my website that is my blog and my personal career site. I want to convince you to choose me for an internship. However I don't want to be chosen based on my resume alone but by showing my active learning, my commitment skills, and perseverance in any job…Read more Dear Future Internship,

Another Youtube video is up and it is another Study Abroad video!

I am so grateful for all the likes on my last post! I makes me feel good knowing others are reading and I am not going crazy talking to my self! 🙂 I have posted another video and it is on time! This video is called How to get to ADSA and Poundland- Study Abroad…Read more Another Youtube video is up and it is another Study Abroad video!

– Onto a Happy New Year! –

The year 2017 has come to an end and an exciting new adventure is in store for me. 12 days from now on January 12th, 2018 I will be on a plane going to London. Studying abroad at the University of Hertfordshire and having the time of my life. I have not uploaded anything to…Read more – Onto a Happy New Year! –

Another Thrift Store Haul Video Up?

Another Thrift Store video has gone up and I am still trying to keep a schedule for posting. Very had to do, but I just need to plan ahead and just DO IT! This is my personal website, home to what I am doing such as projects, school work, personal projects and maybe some life…Read more Another Thrift Store Haul Video Up?

Absent?? What are you doing?

Absent... AGAIN?? Keeping a schedule is hard. But my Claire Waterstone script is almost complete. I just want to add one more scene to it and get a second opinion before I started looking around to start filming it. EXCITING! I want to finish it by the end of this year!! Please! Then I am…Read more Absent?? What are you doing?