Lately I have been pretty busy with school and work. At school I have a lot of projects that are coming up and I just turned in two theory papers last week. For work, I have been working nearly 30 hours a week. As for film, I have not made my own videos yet on Youtube, but last week on November 10th- 12th I was apart of a short film called, Forgotten.

The Advance Narrative Production class at my university were doing a short film as their project for the year and they were given money from University Sponsors to do this short film. I have to be apart of three short films from this narrative production class. So Forgotten, was my first film set to ever be apart of. My job was to be a Script Supervisor, and I think I can say I did a really great job because two people ask me to be apart of their films for this class and I said yes.

Forgotten will be edited in Spring of 2018 and the Director, Stormy Morrell said she will give all of us a copy of it to add it to our reel. I can’t wait to see it and post it on my reel.

This week is Thanksgiving week and I have school off. However I am working at my job and will be apart of another film set called Man of God. Shooting starts November 21-22, 2017 and I will be a PA for that shoot.

I can’t wait to be apart of it and see what I can learn from it. Regarding school, my application to London has been accepted so I will be going to London for Spring 2018. I will be doing a video for going to London and videos of London while I am there. I have saved a lot of  money and I am trying to plan a trip to go to Greece for my spring break while I am in London. That would be awesome.

I am currently working on my own book, script and videos this week on Thanksgiving. I am hoping to post a video on Youtube by Friday.

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