– Onto a Happy New Year! –

The year 2017 has come to an end and an exciting new adventure is in store for me. 12 days from now on January 12th, 2018 I will be on a plane going to London. Studying abroad at the University of Hertfordshire and having the time of my life. I have not uploaded anything to Youtube in 2 months but today or tomorrow I will be uploading an informative video about my going to London trip! Then I am thinking of doing a “What is in my Suitcase” video and a vlog of my plane ride and entering my dorm room.

My Christmas was great and I hope every one had a great day. I got new pants, a couple of shirts, a pineapple ring, Pokemon game, Sees candy, winter jacket for london, two pocket knifes, and more chocolate. New Years I spent a couple hours at a friends house before going home just as New Years hit. I had won Cards against Humanity and I was slightly buzzed and wanted to start the New Years at my own home.

This New Year I have some resolutions that I want to accomplish.

  • Do at least two internships this year
  • Save at least $1000 by the end of 2018
  • Do weekly videos on youtube
  • Do weekly updates on Wattpad
  • Workout twice a week
  • In London write in a journal about what I do and learn
  • Send postcard to people from London or anywhere I visit in Europe
  • Don’t buy any more clothes!
  • Make a short script
  • Stay organized
  • At the University of Hertfordshire join clubs like the film club, the school paper, the radio station. Enjoy my time there!
  • Carefully spend my money in London
  • Get straight A’s
  • Hang out more with my friends.
  • Go to New Orleans for my 21st birthday!
  • Read more
  • Do Yoga
  • Eat Better

A lot more I want to accomplish. This New Years started off a little weird but so far so great. But I am writing this at 1pm on January 1, 2018 so a lot more can happen.

Hope everyone has a great year and a Happy New Years!


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