Update and Video Progress

Update and Video Progress.

Well, my life is getting pretty busy. I just finished by script and I am working on editing it. I want  to have it filmed by the end of this year before I go to London. If not I want to do it Summer of 2018.

Work is keeping me busy as well, I have not been to any club meetings yet but I plan on going to a few this week. Gods and Goddesses give me strength and motivation!

I have no time to relax! I have to scout locations for my script, I am working on a story, I am also working on school projects and I am trying to learn every app in Adobe! Photoshop, Premire Pro, Illustrator. EVERYTHING. I am looking up so much tutorials its insane.

I really want a back massage and time to get my nails done. I also have to work on my application to study abroad by October 2.

But this past Sept 16 me and my Dad went to an Angels game and after the game their was a Nick Jonas concert! I filmed a little bit of it and posted it on my Youtube page. Trying to be a little proactive. Please watch it and leave a comment.

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