My Projects


My work includes blog posts, social media posts, short films and trailers from my intern experience, personal films, and student productions.  .

Student Films


Forgotten Film Premiere Promo 2 copy


Short-Film 2018

Directed by Stormy Morrell

Produced by Travis M. Baker

My Role: Script Supervisor

 First presented at CSULB Film Showcase


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 7.31.29 PM.png

Behind the Wheel- Short Film 2018 – CSULB CMF

Campus Movie Fest came to CSULB and they challenged the students to see who could/can create a short film in a week. I based this short off of my first time driving with my Mom.



Long Beach Lens – Urban Community Outreach


Social Media Works

PADNET: Member Mixer

PADNET: Member Mixer #2


World Wide Motion Picture Corporation:

Blog Post-

BooksHappy Book Lover Day – Blog Post



Instagram Trailers-



Long Beach Blues Society:

long beach blues society

Long Beach Blues Society Mission Statement Video

My Roles:

-Directed the Interview

– Filmed and Photographed Valencia School of the Arts Assembly

-Edited the Mission Statement video

Instagram Posts-


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