This post is long overdue!

I have arrived in the UK! So much has happen since I have arrived and so many things have been frustrating and confusing, great, awesome, and fun. But sad because I miss home.

First my phone was not accepting calls, messages, or wifi the first two days and I am still having some trouble so I am getting a new sim card soon. I had to contact t-mobile multiple times to fix the issue. Then I had to register for classes on the first day which classes had started. I missed one class because of that delay.

Then I missed going to the pub because of my wifi and messaging issues. My financial aid had not gone through for the first week so I was panicking. But my room is almost done, I have food, hangers, and towels. I bought alcohol for the first time and I am excited. A little lonely right now but I hope to make friends and go places.  I had bought tickets to go St. Albans and London for this past Saturday and Sunday. That was fun and I got a video for that. The club/ organization fair is happening this Friday and I am going to join a few clubs.

Working on at least three videos right now and they all should have been posted a while ago. However I have been busy and tired.  Going to post the suitcase video on Wednesday and St. Albans/ London trip on Friday. Then work on my first few weeks in UK video the following Friday.

More videos to come and thanks for reading!

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