Another Thrift Store Haul Video Up?

Thrift Store Haul

Another Thrift Store video has gone up and I am still trying to keep a schedule for posting. Very had to do, but I just need to plan ahead and just DO IT! This is my personal website, home to what I am doing such as projects, school work, personal projects and maybe some life posts.

Recently I sent in my application to study abroad for Spring 2018. I am still waiting for a response so I can scream and shout in excitement. In my media editing class I am getting better with Premiere after so long on Final Cut Pro. I am really missing it because on Premiere I am still very confused on the blurs, title cards and effects. But, I AM LEARNING! Soon we will learn Avid… good luck to me and to my grade.

I have currently finished Claire Waterstone and now I am working on finishing Pine Cone. Both are short films but I want to complete one by this year or by next summer of 2018. Also I have been applying for internships for when I get back from studying abroad.

There is a lot to look forward to and I am working as hard as I can to accomplish everything. So please check out my Youtube videos and like or leave a comment. I really enjoy reading them. I will again try to post regularly. But I am being to say that every post, so wish me luck!

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