cropped-394890Lights-Within is my personal portfolio as a career driven scholar of the arts. This blog is my career and life journey to all things related to the film industry. Such as projects that I have done, my future projects, my goals, work history, and skill set.

selfieMy favorite things to do is to read, write, watch and make films; I also enjoy rollercoasters, food, and I am obsessed with acrylic nails.

I call myself a scholar because I am currently a 4th year in college at California State University of Long Beach. I am working on my major which is of course Film, aka Theory and Practice of Cinema and I am double majoring in Communication. A few of my life goals include; learning Japanese and living in Japan for at least a year, learning and owning a motorcycle, and sky diving.

My skills include: my own WordPress website, Microsoft Word, Excel, Office; Final Cut Pro, Adobe suite, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and PowerPoint.

I have a mandy.com account: Mandy Account

And a personal youtube account- Mia Miller