Dear Future Internship,

Hello and welcome to my website that is my blog and my personal career site.

I want to convince you to choose me for an internship. However I don’t want to be chosen based on my resume alone but by showing my active learning, my commitment skills, and perseverance in any job I get.

To say I am highly motivated is an understatement. Every single day I am checking social media sites for new internships in film and communications, and I am making plans to go out and do my own personal projects.

I am skilled in Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, google docs, google powerpoint, google excel, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, wordpress, social media, etc.

These skills alone are not enough to satisfy my goals in my future career. I want to be able to apply them at a real job and experience how to that job as if it were my own profession. I want a mentor in an internship to teach me their profession hands on and give me tips on how things work within that field.

I have several interest within film and communication. In film I love pre-production, production, post-production, editing, producing, screenwriting, etc. There is no limit to my love of filming. While in communications I have interests in marketing, social media, publishing, creative services, production, and advertising. I would love to explore each area to see which one I like better or is my calling, since I have never had an internship in them before.

My range of interest is so vast however I want to be able to do it all. Be experienced in all that I can, so I can be very well-rounded and educated.

Consider me for an internship and I promise it will be one of the best decisions made.


Thank you Future Internship,

Mia Miller



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