Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog!

My next video is up on Youtube called “Thrift Store Haul”. I am showing all the cool clothes that I got at a thrift store for a very good price. I am really sorry for the lighting and sound in this video. Nothing would go sound as a soundtrack and my overhead light broke. Also I really was debating if I was to post it or not because this video is not one of my best’s. But I thought it would be a good learning experience because every video you learn something new.

I am working on my next Youtube video, which is my Room Painting video. I recently just finished painting my room and I just have to edit all the clips together. I will be posting that video next week.

I am also turning 20 years old this Friday August 4 and I am sooooo excited. So far this summer as been great. Thanks for watching and reading. And check out my channel on Youtube, Mia Miller.

Till Next Time!! ❤

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