I am so grateful for all the likes on my last post! I makes me feel good knowing others are reading and I am not going crazy talking to my self! 🙂

I have posted another video and it is on time!

This video is called How to get to ADSA and Poundland- Study Abroad

I am showing future Hertfordshire exchange student how to get to ASDA and Poundland from the campus De Havilland. I got very lost my first day at Hertfordshire and a video like this could have been very helpful for me.

Spending 40 minutes lost, with no cell reception, or internet to look up where I am was not fun. Also very stressful.

My video is kind of long and possibly hard to follow along. So at the end of the video, if people wanted to skip, where instructions on how to get to ASDA.

So far I am having a great time here at Hertfordshire but next week I will make a video of the stuff I wish I knew before coming to Hertfordshire.

Again! Thank you to the people who read and watch my blog/ videos. It really does mean a lot to me. I will try and continue my trend of posting. Thanks for the support!

How to get to ADSA and Poundland




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