How to get to ASDA and POUNDLAND!

I am so grateful for all the likes on my last post! I makes me feel good knowing others are reading and I am not going crazy talking to my self! 🙂

I have posted another video and it is on time!

This video is called How to get to ADSA and Poundland- Study Abroad

How to get to ADSA and Poundland

I am showing future Hertfordshire exchange student how to get to ASDA and Poundland from the campus De Havilland. I got very lost my first day at Hertfordshire and a video like this could have been very helpful for me.

I spent 40 minutes lost with no cell reception or internet to hook-up to. It was not fun and  stressful.

So far I am having a great time here at Hertfordshire! Next week I will make a video of the stuff I wish I knew before coming to Hertfordshire.

Again! Thank you to the people who read and watch my blog/ videos. It really does mean a lot to me. I will try and continue my trend of posting. Thanks for the support!





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