In Spain and a Two Part video is on my YouTube

Hello Reader! Welcome to my blog and diary of my life and career. I have to say this week has been a great one. I am currently in Madrid, Spain for five days. While in Spain I uploaded a video on YouTube Monday night/Tuesday morning, with another coming out on Friday afternoon. This two videos…Read more In Spain and a Two Part video is on my YouTube

Camera AND Me Video?!?

Soooooo um my camera was shipped to me in three days! I was soooooo shocked! They had told me I would take almost a month to get to me. I was expecting it August 10th!! Not three days later! No complaints just shocked!  Not only did I get my camera but I also uploaded a…Read more Camera AND Me Video?!?

Another Camera?!?

Update on my life... I just purchase a Canon Powershot G7 X Mark 2!! OMG I can't believe I purchased that on my own. I got it off of EBAY and I am so nervous. My heart is still pounding. I spent over $500 dollars but I really wanted this camera a for more filming…Read more Another Camera?!?

Wedding Montage is Up on Youtube

My Mom got married on Wednesday June 21, 2017 to her soulmate, Jimmy. I was her maid of honor and I saw all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in a wedding. I started recording for her big day three days before her wedding. Starting with when we got our nails done. I…Read more Wedding Montage is Up on Youtube

Another Video Up!! | TRY-DIY Fixing

Hi people of the world who may or may not read my blog but I have news! Another Video is up!! *insert whistling* TRY-DIY Fixing | Zipper Shirt This video is about me using my sewing machine for the first time to fix my last week video of my Zipper shirt. Of course I had…Read more Another Video Up!! | TRY-DIY Fixing

2 Videos in the Works

Yesterday morning I got up and went to work. I filmed the ending to my first video I was working on this week and then did another video the same day. The second video I did is done and just waiting to be posted on YouTube. But I can't post that one yet till I…Read more 2 Videos in the Works

Space… Space… SPACE!!!

I love what I do!! I enjoy making and editing film. I can sit on a computer for hours with no problem. But my biggest frustration is SPACE!! Space on my camer SD card, space on my computer, space on my flash drive.... even space in my own room! However on the way are do…Read more Space… Space… SPACE!!!