Camera AND Me Video?!?

Soooooo um my camera was shipped to me in three days! I was soooooo shocked! They had told me I would take almost a month to get to me. I was expecting it August 10th!! Not three days later! No complaints just shocked! 

Not only did I get my camera but I also uploaded a new video. This one titled What’s On My Phone | Introductory to Me.

This video is me going through the apps on my phone and explaining just a little bit about my self. Because a persons phone can say a lot about them selves. So please check out my videos!! I will be posting every week!

Also since I got a vlogging camera, now I can to more lifestyle blogging. And take my camera out in public and it will not seem so awkward.

For my next video I am thinking about doing a library tour in my room! So please stay tuned and I will kept my website updated!! 

Thank you!!

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