First Video on Youtube!

I am nervous, yet excited that I just posted my very first video on Youtube! My time lapse video turned out great! When filming I had some issues with the camera, which I will be looking into for my next tattoo session. I was so nervous that I would make a mistake or the video wouldn’t upload right. I hope I get people to watch it and leave a comment. Feedback is always great. Even if it is negative, I have a tough skin and can take it. I hope by the end of May that I will have at least 20 Subscribers on Youtube; that is my goal for this month. I also have another goal within this year. I want to upload a video once a week for the rest of the year. I want to improve my skills as a film maker and arts & crafts as my hobby. There is a lot I want to improve on and by doing it consistently I can.

Tattoo Time Lapse- Session One

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