What’s Up!!!

What’s coming up in my life and videos!!!

Well I posted a video on YouTube explaining a little bit about my self and my phone contents.  But I haven’t given a lot about my daily life and why I am only posting once a week. I currently am a full time student who is taking 4 summer courses and is working at least 16 hours a week. So lately I have been very busy. However my birthday is coming up, I am in the middle of painting my room, applying for scholarships to study abroad in London, planning my next videos and working on their quality. Not to mention trying to get my overhead light fixed in my room because for some reason the circuit blew so I have minimal lighting in my room. Which sucks for videos.

I am trying to make a painting video of my room getting done and I am trying to work on a thrift store haul. Which I am worried I will not post because of sucky lighting. I am trying to work with it to make it presentable if not, 👎 goodbye video.

I am planning on making video blogs about moving into my dorms at CSULB Fall 2017 and moving into my London Dorms in Spring 2018!! I am looking forward to that! I am working and saving money for my trip and doing scholarships.  I am also planning on while in London getting another tattoo. I will be making a video on that. This is an example of what I want…

What I want is a small Japanese cherry blossoms. I am thinking on my shoulder, arm or under my armpit next to my boob.

So for my youtube channel I have failed for putting up a video once a week already. I missed a week, but I will be making up for it. I will be posting two videos next week.

So this is a little update on my life and I will continue to post on this blog!

Thanks for reading!! ❤


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