Another Video Up… on a Monday?

I have posted another video up on my Youtube channel. This one is about my Windsor trip and seeing Windsor Castle.

I am posting on a Monday in hopes of being more proactive with my channel and posting a lot more. I am trying to plan more trips and hopefully I can film them better than I did this trip.

This trip was hard as I could not film inside the castle at all. But it was extremely pretty and everyone should see it if they get the chance. This video was also kind of hard for me to make because my sound quality is kind of off in this video. You can hear my voice change, you can hear static, and there was lots of wind sound. Not the best video sound wise. Still learning the tricks of filming like a “blogger” but these videos are focusing on my trips, not really my life.

I hope someone abroad or someone planning on studying abroad at the University of Hertfordshire will find these videos useful.

I have recently applied to so many internships for the summer and I am hoping to have one when I return home. I am so nervous and excited to see if one gets back to me.

I plan on uploading another study abroad video this Friday. In hopes of continuing this constant uploading trend through out my time in Hatfield.

As always! Thanks for reading and watching!


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