What I Plan on doing with My Camera

So I have given a lot of thought in what I want my first youtube channel video to be and I have come up with a good idea. My first video is going to be… me getting my first big tattoo- time lapse video!!

I already have two small tattoos but no real big art ones. This tattoo, 1st session will happen on April 28th, 2017. I will be getting a Lotus flower and Koi fish on my hip; it will be color realism. I am real excited for this video and I am looking forward to the tattoo as well. This first video will be my ice breaker into filming on my youtube channel.
What I plan on doing after is trying to make things with my sewing machines, by using DIY ideas and tips, trying to draw things and anything else that is exciting or cool. Or even talk about my experience with thing I have done or been through in my life. Example: Gone to Ireland, England, Paris, Japan; gone through surgery on a few times, had “fun” experiences in a hospital; etc…

What I am most excited for is the experience and feedback. You can’t get anywhere or improve without peoples thoughts in your work. So I hope people response and give me tips on my work and look forward to my first video.

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