Status Update on Life Process

Hello and welcome back to Lights-Within!

A week after creating this website and making my first post I realized I had forgotten to mention something. To my readers…. I have horrible grammar and spelling problems! I am slightly dyslexic so spell check has become my FRIEND! So to those who see something  that is either spelled incorrectly or has horrible grammar… I am sorry. Either I go back days later to reread it, then catch my mistake or someone can just say something and I’ll fix it. But my hope is that with time and practice I will improve. I am a visual person which is why I want to be an editor or do something in production management. I am, possibly, being to hard on my self with my writing but I have to put the truth out there.

On another note for an update on my life and projects, I recently started a new job, and have started another semester at school. All while trying to plan for starting a youtube channel and managing this website. I am planning on getting my first actual camera for school and for personal projects at the end of February, thanks to my Dad. “Thanks Dad!” 

I know it sounds weird, “A 2nd year film student that doesn’t have a camera?!”.  Well, the reason I do not already have my own personal camera is because I had always used the cameras on loan from both my high school and college. And if I really needed to I would use my phone as a back up. However, that time had passed and I am starting to buy/gather film equipment to start making my own works. I am still working on ideas and will be working on creating them the beginning of March when I get my camera.

So thank you again for reading and I will maintain this website to the best of my ability with updates.

Best Wishes,


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