HEY READER, who is reading my blog! It’s nice to see my money being used just the way I wanted it, which is to have readers. To be polite and introduce myself, my name is Mia Miller. This is my 1st blog post ever, so I thought I could explain my reasonings of doing this blog, what it is meant to do, and who I am. That is why this blog is entitled “Why, What and Who: 1st Post“.

So, again Hello and Welcome! I am a future worker of the film industry who inspires to get a job and become a working class member of society. But getting into the film industry is hard. SO…. the reason why I have created this blog is to create a presentation. I needed a portfolio to display my work for employers. So not only have I just created a blog, I am also doing a youtube channel too.

Recap: The Why of this blog is to have a portfolio for employers, then the What is for my work with videos, ideas, and experience. Now, for the Who. I am currently enrolled in film at my university and my track interest is to become a creative producer and script supervisor work.

Thank for reading my first blog and please come read and/or watch again.

Until next time,

Mia M.

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