I am safe. My family is good and I am not too worried about myself health-wise. Though during these time, COVID-19 is affecting every single person around the globe in some way.

Just so happens that for me everything is being affect tremendously. My entire, final semester of college is being put online, while student films for the film department are canceled and I may not get the chance to walk for graduation. My graduation may be postponed to summer or fall, but this is just a prediction as no news as reached me in saying it’s postponed yet. Though the question remains, we may be all quarantined for a couple more month and my graduation is suppose to happen on May 22, 2020…. today is April 3rd, are they gonna cancel? Probably. My regular job working inside Southcoast Plaza Mall as been shut-down since mid-March and now I am losing income (thankfully not my job). Additionally the film industry seems to have been put on a halt. I am still shocked that Tom Hanks and his wife got it from being on a film set. This halt means I might not get a film industry related job for a while after I graduate. People are going to be looking at hard times.

During my LOTS OF PERSONAL ALONE TIME I have been working on finishing a drama short I started, while continuing to do school work and try to keep my saninty as I can. On this years to-do-list my goal is to produce my short drama script and enter it into film festivals. My goal is to finish the script by the end of April, then start some preproduction in May. Maybe film during summer? I will see.

I hope to have more news and updates to share later into the month on the progress of my short and/or updates. I am not going to be talking or be keeping updates on the virus.

Be safe and be well.

Thank you for reading.

Best, Mia Miller.

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