Hurray! Summer of 2019 is here! My classes for spring semester have ended, I barely survived, now I am going to try to survive summer!

This summer, my goal is to remain busy, active, and to have as much fun as I can! Currently my plan is to work with my summer internship at PADNET (a public access network) as a production assistant intern, I joined Beach Soccer on Sunday mornings and I am playing regular soccer on most Wednesday nights, and then I also have my part-time job at CSULB working for the Athletic department as an event staff member. My schedule is going to look pretty busy and I hope to have a lot of fun.

For my internship at PADNET, I will be working minimum 10 hours a week maybe more depending on projects. Not including film projects I can sign up for, my regular internship schedule will be Thursdays and Fridays. I have already learned how to operate a teleprompter thanks to them, and I have done my first film assignment working as a Teleprompter Operator for their Long Beach Lens show. We filmed two 30-minute episodes (Episodes 109 and 110).

Long Beach Lens

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 12.43.26 AM.png

I am super excited for the experience and learning opportunities I will be exposed to this summer.

I been a little depressed lately and not very active, so this summer thanks to I have been connecting with multiple soccer groups to try and be more happy because playing soccer makes me happy. I found this group that meets up every Wednesday night at 6pm and some Fridays, through this group a guy asked if I would be willing to join a Beach Soccer team for Sunday mornings. As of now I will be paying soccer at least once a week, however I am going to try for all three days of soccer.

I love my job at CSULB being an event staff member, however during the summer there are not many hours available because its summer. Not may games or events are happening, so I may try to get another part-time job to satisfy how much income I have for the summer. Though I wouldn’t quit my event staff job because I think they are great, I just need more hours. I signed up for Postmates to earn more money that way.

On top of my very busy schedule I do plan on trying to make more videos for Youtube and some film competitions like RODE. I am still working on my Van Life video and converting my van, and I hope to publish that video soon. However I am very excited to announce that I have reached 115 subscribers on Youtube thanks to my Hertfordshire videos! I am very surprised and thrilled that many people like and watch them. Many find them informative and have reached out to me to ask question and about my experience! I more than pleased to answer any questions a person may have! Thank you so much to those who watched my videos. I don’t know if I will make a follow up video, but I am highly considering it.

Additionally, I hope to write more short stories and scripts, film more personal and creative content for my channel, and to grow more as a film enterpruttor. I recently learned from my Mother that she was very surprised and proud that I have been sticking with film and the industry as she always thought I would either switch majors or lose interest in it. However she says she was glad to be proven wrong with how driven and excited I am about film and the industry. I have been sticking to film since freshman year of high school thanks to my drama class. My. drama teacher introduced us to the film teacher and did a collaboration project with the film student. That is what got me into film. Since my school only allowed Junior and Seniors to do the film classes, I went to drama for a second time for Sophomore year, just so I can do that film and drama collaboration again and also to get to know the film class better.

I am currently looking for an internship this semester for Fall 2019. I am applying to many places, hopefully catching someone’s eye. Wish me luck!

Summer of 2019


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