Recently this month I got a new computer, a MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar, with 32GB Memory, 512GB Storage and 2.6GHz processor.

My Dad and I had been talking for a couple month in getting me a new computer because my MacBook Air wasn’t up to the challenges when it came to editing or photoshop.  Most programs wanted more than 8GB of memory to use their programs and my computer only had 4GB.  So it was time for an upgrade and my Dad said he would pay for the computer while I would pay for the additional upgrades that came with. I agreed and we waited till September when Apple was going to do their back to school deal with Beats Headphones.

With this new computer I will be doing a lot more videos and posting a lot more and a lot faster. I am so grateful to have gotten both my computer and will be continuing to use both till they died. Shout out to my Dad for being so amazing in supporting my major and life choices!

My new video is up!

 Macbook Pro 15″ 2018 UNBOXING 

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