🎉 Happy New Year 2019! 🎉


Long time since my last blog post! Fall semester of 2018 really kicked my butt as I have done lots of activities and work.

October was a great month! I tried to do the Inktober challenge, which is to draw one drawing every single day till Halloween. I ended up failing on Day 15, BUT not before posting two timelaspes videos on Youtube for week one and two! 🎉

Inktober Week One                        Inktober Week Two

Then for the month October I participated in something called Campus Movie Fest. Campus Movie Fest is a challenge for the students to see who could/can create a short film within a week. They provide camera’s, microphones, tripods, even computers with editing programs on them. My idea was to make a short film based on my first time learning how to drive with my Mom.

So within a week I wrote filmed and edited a short film. It was hard! The idea was suppose to be simple, but I had a lot of shots where the car had to be moving, then I had audio problems, there was a heat wave, and I had to work around everyone’s schedules. . However I finished the film and turned it in on Monday, but I had a feeling I probably wasn’t going to make it into the premiere. On the following Thursday I got my friends and family to go, only to find out that I didn’t make it in. It was sad, disappointing, and kind of humiliating. However for my first try I was proud. Next year I figure I can do better.

Check it out! -> Behind the Wheel – Short Film 2018 – CSULB CMF

Additionally over the course of the month of October, I had one interview for a internship, got a seasonal job, went to several halloween haunts, and went to several school club activities. I am really proud of my self for the month of October.

Into the month of November, I Bought a VAN! Its a long story of how I got my van but it came to be! I got a Chevy Express Van from 1997 for one thousand dollars!  I can’t wait to get start on converting it into a camper van. All about that Van Life. My plan is to convert it to be able to take road trips and live in it for periods of time. My plan is to go to Canada for spring break this year, so I really have to get on top of converting it. Not a lot of time left.fullsizeoutput_e9a

Meet Chester, the van.

The end of 2018 was suppose to end and start on a big note for me, as I was suppose to Japan for New Year. However I got sick two days before my flight and I was unable to go or get a refund on the life. I was very disappointed and sad.  I really want to go there again soon. For now Canada in my next big trip.

Now, when I am posting this blog it will be March of 2019. The new year has already started but that ok. I haven’t been good at writing on my website but I want to get better. So as the conversion on my van is underway, I will be posting updates on that and my film projects, so keep an eye out for that.  I have had some other things happen in my life but those I can go into another time.


Thanks for reading!

-Mia M.

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