Absent?? What are you doing?

Absent… AGAIN?? Keeping a schedule is hard. But my Claire Waterstone script is almost complete. I just want to add one more scene to it and get a second opinion before I started looking around to start filming it. EXCITING! I want to finish it by the end of this year!! Please! Then I am working on a silly short script called PineCone. I really want to finish these two by the end of 2017.

My checklist for this week is:

  • Finish my applications and scholarships for studying abroad.
  • Finish my Claire Waterstone script and talk to someone I am considering to be my main actress.
  • Look for possible locations and crew.
  • Keep up with school and my blog, and youtube channel.
  • Go to two clubs a week.
  • Do photo shoots
  • Learn photoshop, premier, and illustrator!
  • STOP watching so much Netflix and Hulu! Write more!
  • Also stop eating so much junk food, start eating healthier.


Gahhhhhh, so much to do!

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